About Project

About the Strategy

The Strategy for Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the Republic of Kosovo is a Government document of sophisticated and ambitious
policies, which aims to achieve the full integration of the Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian communities in Kosovan society based on principles of equality.
The Strategy was approved by the Government on December 24, 2008.
In order to support the best and most effective implementation of the Strategy, Balkan Sunflowers is implementing a project which aims to raise the awareness
about the Strategy in targeted municipalities and work with municipal officers for its implementation.

This project has 3 aspects:


Training of Strategy Advocates in strategies on municipal level

In each of the targeted localities, Strategy Advocates will be trained, which will initiate processes leading to the implementation of the Strategy on the municipal
level.The project will open with extensive training and follow up with monthly trainings.


Establishment of municipal working groups

The trained Strategy Advocates will work towards initiating the establishment of the working groups (one in each of the targeted municipalities) aimed at advocating
the implementation of the Strategy at the municipal level. The working groups will be comprised of faculty and secondary school students, NGOs´representatives as
well as from members of local communities and representatives of municipal administration. During the whole project duration, the Strategy Advocates will
provide information to the representatives of local communities on a regular basis and initiate debates about the various components of the Strategy and plan
advocacy strategies aimed at municipal representatives.


Working groups will draft recommendations for implementation of the Strategy at the municipal level

Working groups will elaborate on recommendations summarizing necessary steps leading to the implementation of the Strategy at the municipal level. The recommendation
will include allocation of funds from municipal budgets necessary for implementation of individual components of the Strategy.

The Strategy project is being implemented in 8 Municipalities:

• Fushë Kosovë

• Pejë

• Gjakovë

• Lipjan

• Ferizaj

• Obilic

• Istog

• Podujevë

• Kline


In each municipality we have an advocate who is full time involved and who works very closely with municipality, civil society and the community to advance
the implementation of the Strategy.
BSF role in Strategy Implementation process is very constructive; this means we aim to be partners of the Institutions and join the voice of the community in the
implementation the Strategy. This also includes developing resources that support everyone working in this area, whether or not involved in this project.
The-Strategy.org is intended to be such a resource.
The Strategy project is initiated in partnership with the Czech organization “People in Need (PIN)" and supported by the Czech Development Agency and in
Fushë Kosova also by UNICEF.
Balkan Sunflowers has a center in Fushë Kosova which is called “Strategy Coordination Center” and serves as base for coordinating all activities related to the
Strategy implementation.





The-Strategy.org is a service to civil society, government, international and local stakeholders to support implementation of the Strategy for the Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities in the Republic of Kosovo, which is the Kosovo government’s contract with these communities.This website has received support from the Czech Development Agency and People in Need, and is implemented by Balkan Sunflowers Kosova.