Mandate of Office for Community Affairs


Advise the Prime Minister on communities’ related issues including:

Inform and advise the Prime Minister in a timely manner on all communities related issues;

Alert the Prime Minister about significant community issues of local, national, regional and international interest

Call to the attention of the Prime Minister issues requiring his personal intervention.


Coordinate on communities’ related issues including:

Coordination of governmental bodies, independent agencies and institutions / ministerial level and municipal level;

Coordination of donors and international organizations to ensure that communities’ issues are being effectively addressed throughout Kosovo.

Eliminate the duplication of efforts and ensure effective use and equity of fund distribution;

Monitor these bodies to ensure that they are effectively carrying out their defined work in determined locations at a high level.


Evaluate policy on communities’ related issues including:

Contribute to, analyze and provide advice regarding governmental policy affecting communities’ rights and interests;

Develop and monitor the implementation of government strategies related to communities

Act as a clearing house for the wide-spread distribution of community related policy and laws and raise awareness among all community members regarding

their rights;

Monitor implementation of communities related laws and policy and their impact at the community level;

Advocate for and promote Government adherence to relevant communities related laws and policies

Recommend changes and/or adjustments to communities’ related laws and policies if they are not effectively

addressing communities’ issues.Address practical needs of communities Use available funds strategically to positively impact and create change in people’s lives

with particular emphasis on the most vulnerable;

Advocate for and facilitate resolution of high profile communities’ related cases. is a service to civil society, government, international and local stakeholders to support implementation of the Strategy for the Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities in the Republic of Kosovo, which is the Kosovo government’s contract with these communities.This website has received support from the Czech Development Agency and People in Need, and is implemented by Balkan Sunflowers Kosova.