Consultative Council for Comunities


Mandate of CCC is based on Kosovo Constitution (,100,48), on the Kosovo Law for Communities
(,191,254) and on the Statute of the CCC.


The mandate of the Consultative Council for Communities is to provide a mechanism for regular exchange between the Communities and the Government of Kosovo.


To assist in the organization and the articulation of the views of communities and their members in relation to legislation, public policy and programs of special
relevance to them. To provide a forum for coordination and consultation amongst communities, and to ensure the effective functioning of the community
representative organizations according to a code of conduct to be adopted by the Community Consultative Council.


To afford the communities the opportunity to participate at an early stage on legislative or policy initiatives that may be prepared by the Government or the
Assembly,to suggest such initiatives and to have their views incorporated in the relevant projects and programs, including the annual strategy and report under
Article 13 of this law, in accordance with the law.


To enable communities to participate in the needs assessments, design, monitoring and evaluation of programs that are aimed at their members or are of special
relevance to them;To make recommendations during the decision-making process concerning the apportionment of funds, both international and allocated from the
budget of the Republic of Kosovo, for projects aimed at communities or their specific interests. To raise awareness of community concerns within the Republic
of Kosovo and to contribute to harmonious relations between all communities within the Republic of Kosovo.



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